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OpenBeta is a collaboration platform for climbers to share information about climbs such as technical description, GPS-coordinates and approach trail maps.

Think OpenStreetMap with a climbing focus. MountainProject/SuperTopo that is backed by a not-for-profit entity and 100% Open Source.

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Open Data

User-contributed climbing betas are accesssible on the web/mobile app as well as via a REST API.

Open Source

Community participation goes beyond climbing beta. You can also help by contributing code. Contents and source code are licensed under Creative Commons Share-Alike and GNU GPL.

A Fresh Start

There is a vast yet untapped creative energy in the climbing community. With the modern open source technology stack we can build this thing together.

You Can Help Make This Project Awesome

Climbers, Writers, Artists, Web Developers, User Experience Designers, Cartographers please join us in building this new community.

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