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Inspired by Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap, we're building an open source and open license rock climbing catalog.

Our values

Free & Open Source

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Community First

Backed by a volunteer-run nonprofit organization.

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Climbing data is the building block of knowledge

We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. We want to ensure the knowledge of these great experiences remains irrevocably accessible to everyone. All climbing content (excluding photos) is available under the Creative Commons Public Domain license.

Make an impact today

All contributions are welcome. You can share climbing photos, add new routes, write a guest article on our blog, help fix a bug, and more. Check out the project board on GitHub.


OpenBeta is neither backed by venture capitalists nor supported by ads. Fortunately, an active group of volunteers donates their time and expertise to keep the project running and to further its development. All donated money goes directly to fund OpenBeta's infrastructure.
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